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  • 22 May at 17:25 from facebook

    Winding back the clock o a wednesday. Revisting a customized order from 2012, boy time flies.

  • 21 May at 18:27 from facebook

    Big thank you to Tamara for trusting me to remodel her dream dress, converting to a low back strapless dress from full lace illusion front and back along with other alterations. Big congratulations to

  • 12 May at 09:03 from facebook

    Happy Mother's Day to all the amazing Mums, Grandma's, Stepmums, Aunties, Carer's and those who step up to the plate to become mentors for our lil humans. I hope you all have an amazing day. Xxx

  • 2 May at 16:09 from facebook

    Something a lil sweet. With a custom made designer for a special 15th birthday celebration. 😊

  • 2 May at 16:03 from facebook

    Wishing Bec and her Husband every happiness. Celebrating their wedding last weekend. A big thank you for trusting me to alter your beautiful dress. Taking a strapless dress to the next level. I think

  • 25 April at 06:35 from facebook

    As we reflect and remember. I hope everyone has a good day. Lest we forget

  • 18 April at 16:46 from facebook

    As we all embark on this Easter long weekend. I would like to wish you all a happy and safe easter break. To you and your beautiful families Happy Easter. I am closed now til Tuesday. 🐇🐣🐇

  • 1 April at 22:01 from facebook

    A lil down time getting ready for easter, making my ostara wreath 🐣🐰🐣

  • 27 March at 13:03 from facebook

    Windback Wednesday, creative design remodelling a wedding dress for one special bride. Making her dress dreams a reality. Remembering the sun we had with this. 😊

  • 23 March at 20:28 from facebook

    Omg.. Feeling a lil humbled. I just would like to thank you all for being you. And allowing me to share in a small way your special moments. Without your support and the support of some amazing vendor


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