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  • 10 May at 08:26 from facebook

    Happy mothers to all the amazing mums grandma's and great grandmas step mums aunties and carers that step into the role. I hope you all have an amazing day. Xxx

  • 5 May at 07:40 from facebook

    A lil walk down memory lane. Turning it back Tuesday. Have a great day everyone 😊

  • 25 April at 07:11 from facebook

    Lest we forget...

  • 16 April at 15:11 from facebook

    As covid 19 has seemed us slow down in many ways. Everyone one of us had felt it's presence. I for one have never been so excited to answer my phone and overly enthusiastically reassure people, "

  • We are open

    16 April at 14:09 from atlas

    While times are changing we are adapting to the correct social distancing requirements and are still trading as normal. For any ...

  • 10 April at 08:53 from facebook

    As this easter weekend begins with the promise of isolation. From our house to yours we would like to wish you a happy easter. Whatever you happen to be doing enjoy. 🐇🐇🐇

  • 2 April at 10:44 from facebook

    I have had some people ask, "do you do normal alterations and repairs" Quite simply yes I do. So if going thru your closet is one of you isolation activities and you find that some if your i

  • 25 March at 20:08 from facebook

    I have had some heart wrenching conversations over the last week with some you beautiful people. In these uncertain times it's your ongoing support that will hold hope. I work along side and know of s

  • 19 March at 18:16 from facebook

    I just want to reassure people that We are still open for business as usual. 😊

  • 16 February at 16:25 from facebook

    I get the opportunity to meet some amazing people creating pieces for special occasions. Seems so long ago now but we had a lot of fun finalizing designs so each bride could surprise each other. 😍


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