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  • 25 April at 09:31 from facebook

    Lest we forget.... sorry for any inconvenience but we are closed today for anzac day. Reopen tomorrow as usual. Enjoy your day everyone.. Lest we forget.

  • 21 April at 07:11 from facebook

    Happy wedding day to you. For my gorgeous brides and their families getting married over the weekend. Have a magical day and we all wish you all the very best. Xxx

  • 20 April at 19:12 from facebook

    I love being able to breathe life into a design. Transforming dresses to make them individually yours. Big congratulations to Sheryl and her beautiful family. And thank you for sharing pics. I think w

  • 14 April at 05:30 from facebook

    As some gorgeous brides wake up today. Your day has arrived. Wishing you all a very happy wedding day and a life time of happiness. Enjoy the celebrations. And remember to breathe. Xxx

  • 13 April at 07:41 from facebook


  • 1 April at 21:47 from facebook

    Totally not work related... the 2 sweetest things we shared for easter. Hope everyone has had a lovely day.

  • 29 March at 18:57 from facebook

    A sneak peak of something a lil bit pretty

  • 29 March at 08:35 from facebook

    With the promise of a long weekend at the end of the day. Just a reminder that we are closed for the four days over easter. We would like to wish to you all a happy and safe easter. Whatever it is you

  • 23 March at 10:18 from facebook

    Happy Wedding day to my gorgeous brides getting married today. I hope your day is as magical as you wished for. Wishing you every hapiness today and always 👰🤵

  • 10 March at 09:42 from facebook

    Happy wedding day to some amazing brides and their families. We all hope you have a magical dayxxx


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